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This is a Sample Report Generated by NeuraFlow

Output Image

Design Evaluation Report

1. Strengths:

The image showcases a vibrant red color that is eye-catching and likely to draw attention. The composition is straightforward, focusing on the vehicle, which is centered and occupies a significant portion of the frame, making the subject clear. The lighting is even and soft, avoiding harsh shadows or overexposure that could detract from the details of the car.

2. Weaknesses:

The background is somewhat cluttered with elements like the road, trees, and other cars, which may distract from the main subject. There is a lack of context or storytelling within the image, as it is a simple rear view of the car with no additional elements to suggest motion or use. The angle is very standard and does not provide a unique perspective or highlight specific design features of the car

3. Attractiveness:

The car's bright red color and the clean lines of its design make the image visually appealing. The simplicity of the composition also contributes to its attractiveness, as the viewer's focus is not divided

4. Visual Harmony:

The red color of the car contrasts well with the more muted colors of the street and background, creating a harmonious balance that allows the car to stand out. However, the harmony is slightly disrupted by the background clutter

5. Stylistic Consistency:

The image maintains a consistent, realistic style, with no filters or effects that alter the perception of the car's design. The focus on the car and the straightforward composition adhere to a consistent photographic style

6. Readability:

The car's features and design elements are clear and easily discernible. The license plate is legible, and the branding elements like the logo and model name are visible and readable.

7. Color Psychometrics:

Red is often associated with energy, passion, and action. In the context of a car, it may evoke feelings of excitement and a sense of speed or performance. The color choice for the car can influence the viewer's emotional response, potentially making the car seem more dynamic and desirable

Output Graph

The attention economy shows us that the task of retaining consumer attention is increasingly difficult.


To know if your advertisement, website, application, packaging, label, indoor and outdoor visual communication will perform as expected, you need to invest and launch them 'officially'


All of this needs to be promoted. Carry out AB-type tests, for different audiences and with significant samples.


And this always ends up consuming time and costing even more than expected, with no guarantee of success.

What if we said that everything can be optimized using Artificial Intelligence?

Neuraflow was created to provide valuable insights, with visual representations such as heat and attention maps, that will save time and money in the ideation and design phase. This will allow your concepts to be better worked on before spending financial resources on production and dissemination.

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